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Photography Workshops and Holidays Abroad is based in the UK and run by Ian Middleton. I am an English writer, photographer and author of several travel books and articles for many publications. My photography has been published in Lonely Planet, the Guardian newspaper, Bradt Travel Guides and many more. In 1996 I took time out from my career in Electronic engineering to go travelling around the world, which resulted in a whole new way of life.

My journey into the world of writing and photography began after a four-month sojourn around Mexico in 1997. This voyage of discovery filled my eyes with enchanting scenes and for the first time I began to see the beauty of nature and the world into which I was born. Upon my return I couldn’t help feeling that my little compact camera hadn’t truly captured that magic, so I decided to invest in my first SLR. In the years that followed I learned my craft the hard way, before the days of digital. I travelled the world, practicing my art along the way. As the reels of wasted film diminished, my photography improved. This in turn inspired my creative side and I embarked upon a journey into professional photography, selling photos into guidebooks, magazines and a variety of other mediums, as well as selling prints of my landscape work on canvas.

Somewhat fortuitously, shortly after I bought my SLR, someone left an old book on photography in the canteen where I worked. The book taught the basics of photography which I found essential to understanding how the camera works. It's this basic knowledge that has been essential in the development of my work, and through this book and getting out there with the camera and taking photos my skill developed. Today, with high tech digital cameras most people may feel more comfortable switching to auto and mistakenly believing that the camera can do it all for them. Well, that's true if all you want is a basic good shot. The camera cannot read your mind. All it can do is read a scene and give you an average shot based on what it sees. So in order to take control and get the shots that you want, you have to go beyond the auto settings.

With my background in electronics I also fully understand the technical aspects of digital photography, which I endeavour to also pass on to students in a simple, practical way during my workshops. Just like the camera basics, understanding the basic concepts of a digital image can also help you produce the best results when publishing your work to the web, trying to produce high quality prints and, most essentially, when processing and editing your work after a shoot.

During my travels around Spain I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely Slovenian girl (to whom I am now married) whose beauty also lured me to the beauty of the Slovenian landscape. Inspired by this and the beauty and diversity of this and my home country's landscapes, I decided to offer workshops and holidays in these and other countries, as it was my experiences in other countries that inspired me to improve my photographic skills. There is no better way to learn than to get out there and be inspired by the beauty of the diverse landscapes of the world.

I use photographers from countries around the world who run regular workshops in that country, so just contact me to discuss which location you would like to travel to, and I will hook you up with someone there.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer, and look forward to seeing you on one of my workshops.

For more information about me visit my website: www.ianmiddleton.info

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