Learn the craft of photography in an awe-inspiring landscape

Night time Photography Workshop                                                                                    

Learn star photography and how to create stunning star trail photos.

Night photography is not as difficult as you might think. With just a little knowledge of the settings and photography techniques involved, you too can create really good night photos and stunning star trails by joining one of our night photography lessons.

Workshop Details and topics covered:

  • 2 hours taking photos
  • 1 hour post processing
  • How to setup your photo
  • Exposure, aperture and ISO settings
  • How to maintain sharpness throughout
  • Workshop handout with full details of what is covered, plus a tutorial with processing tips and how to create your star trails

Workshop Locations:

Slovenia workshop will take place at the little church (pictured above) in Vodice, not far from the Ljubljana airport.

What you need:

  • Tripod
  • Remote shutter release cable
  • Lots of warm clothes and a flask of hot tea!






Half day workshops (4 Hours)
Type Price (Euros) Price UK£
(3 or more)
60 eur £50
(1 to 1)
140 eur £120


Upcoming workshops:
Naturally, as this workshop depends upon clear skies, workshop dates will vary -
contact me to request a date






Photographing Star Trails with a DSLR

During this short photography course you will also cover how to create a star trail photo like this. During the lesson you will be shown how to set up and shoot the photos you will need to create your star trail picture. After, during the post processing part, your teacher will explain how to stack the photos using special software (which is free to download). Your workshop handout will also contain a tutorial, so you won't forget what you were shown and can do it all yourself at home.

Choosing your foreground interest - Churches are always great for star trails, but make sure the church isn't directly lit. This will obscure your view of the stars. For best results, use a church that gets some ambient light from a nearby village. The images here were also near a road, so passing cars were lighting the church during my exposures.

Other locations can be small villages, or mountainous landscapes. Mountains are best shot when there is some moonlight.
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