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Workshop list:

About the workshops:
Just bought your first digital SLR? Or maybe you are having trouble understanding the complexities of your compact? Then why not take a workshop for beginners or low intermediates and people wishing to learn more about their digital SLR, or who want to get more from their digital compact camera.

Whether you are a budding professional or amateur enthusiast who wants to get more from your camera, What better way is there to learn the art of photography and put these new skills to practice than by travelling around a country resplendent with stunning natural landscapes, interesting people and great light.

Beginners workshops (suitable for advanced compacts or SLR users who want to get the best from their camera)

  • A one day workshop/course, that will teach all the theory using a simple and practical approach so you won’t be frightening off by complicated technical language.
  • You will be taken to some great locations in which to try out your new skills, with your teacher on hand to guide you.

This workshop is suitable for people with digital SLRs, compact system and bridge cameras. If you have ability to change lenses or set shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance, then this workshop is for you.

On location workshops and photo days (Suitable for everyone)

  • One day workshops for those who just want to get out there and start shooting.
  • For people who have already taken the beginners workshop or already understand the basics, it's a great way to expand your knowledge and continue to put your new skills into practice.
  • Ideal for compact users whose cameras are not suitable for the beginners workshops but still want to learn how to get the best from their cameras.
  • For amateur enthusiasts  who don’t want to go in-depth and just want to learn how to take better photos
  • Workshops are available in Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Vintgar Gorge and many other inspiring locations.  

Beginner photography workshops:                                                                                  

Regular beginners workshops are conducted in the following locations in Slovenia:

Other workshops are conducted on location and arranged on a per group basis.

I will also take group bookings so please contact me to discuss details.

What you will learn:

  • The basic principles of how a camera takes a photo
  • Understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance
  • How to use the camera's light meter
  • How to create background blur in your portrait and close-up photographs, or isolate objects from the background to make them stand out more
  • To get detail in your landscape shots
  • How to make sure your subject is sharp by controlling autofocus
  • How blurring can occur due to camera-shake or movement and ways to prevent this
  • How to create blur or motion in a photo when required
  • How to use Exposure Compensation and what effects it has
  • When shooting in manual mode can help
  • How to shoot moving objects and keep them in focus
  • Understanding the technical aspects of a digital image, resolution, pixel count, JPEG
  • What is RAW and why you should always shoot in this format
  • Composition - Composing your photos for the best shots

Detailed handout: I know how hard it can be to try and scribble down notes at any kind of lesson or workshop, and so to this end I have created a detailed handout that covers everything we cover, so you don't have to make any notes. You will learn a lot in one day, so it's especially useful to refer back to in the future when you go out on your own.

Customer feedback about the beginners workshop

Lindsey B
"I think the "handout" Ian gave us was worth the cost of the workshop in itself. It's really more like a book and probably has everything I need to know with photo examples. But also Ian was a great teacher and explained things very clearly and in a way that was easy to understand by using examples. Even with the heat and hazy sky I ended up with a few nice photos of Lake Bled using the techniques that Ian taught us. Can't wait for my next trip to try some things out. I have much more confidence now!"

Anne De Geeter:
What was your favorite thing about the workshop?:
"The mixing of theory and practice, which allow to better understand the roots of photography, and how it works technically."

Price and times:

Workshops are usually conducted in one day, on a weekend, but may also be on other days depending availability.

  • The workshop will be conducted totally in the field with a detailed ebook for each student
  • Group booking available Min 3 and max 8 people


Full day workshops (8 Hours) Half day workshops (4 Hours)
Type Price (Euros) Price UK£ Type Price (Euros) Price UK£
(1 to 1)
275 eur £250 Private
(1 to 1)
175eur £150
2 people booking together 350 eur £295 2 people booking together 250 eur £195

Please contact me with the dates you have in mind.

Group bookings:

  • I also take group booking, so contact me if you have a group interested.

Workshops on location / photo trips:

In the Slovenian karst region of the west are a number of seasonal lakes, the most famous being Cerknica, but there are also the lesser known Pivka Lakes. When these lakes fill up, normally in December, they make superb photographic locations for landscapes and reflections. Workshops are available here in December.

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The jewel of the Alpine region, Lake Bohinj is a photographer's paradise. Autumn is a great time to photograph this place so morning and evening workshops are available.

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Vintgar Gorge Workshop Bled Lake Workshop

The stunning 1.6km Vintgar Gorge, carved 150m deep into the mountains by the Radovna River and ending with the 30-metre Sum Waterfall. The trail leads along a wooden walkway through the gorge offering great photographic opportunities. On this workshop you will learn how to capture fast flowing waterscapes and how to use long exposures to create stunning images.

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The fairytale setting of Lake Bled is a world famous town on the shore of a beautiful glacial lake. Defined by its unique island church sitting proudly in the middle of this immense body of water, surrounded by towering alpine mountains, and the castle perched high on a cliff standing guard over the town. On this workshop we will circumnavigate the lake from afternoon to sundown and shoot this place from all the best angles.

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Portland Bill, England

The Jurassic Coast is the pearl of the British coastline, carved over 250 million years by the elements. One superb location for photography is the Portland Bill lighthouse and Pulpit Rock. We will meet at the Portland Bill visitor centre and spend the day here.
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We will spend the day in the beautiful Italian port town of Trieste, where we'll stroll through the fascinating streets and capture the wonderful architecture before heading off along the waterfront to capture the seafront views across Trieste Bay and onwards to the lovely Miramare castle.
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All workshops are available either as part of your holiday, or on their own. You are free to either book one of our holidays or plan your own holiday and start it with one of my workshops. If you already live in Slovenia where I give regular workshops, then simply join one of my groups or book a private course.

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