Combining the two things I love the most

Photography Workshops Abroad is owned and run by photographer and writer Ian Middleton. For years I’d been frustrated about how difficult it is for photographers like me who run just a few workshops a year and don’t have lots of money to spend on advertising. We can only afford to pay for small adverts, which get dwarfed and lost among the thousands of other bigger ads.

Free directories only offered a simple text listing. I started wishing there was a directory where everyone had the same chance to get found, whether big or small, and that they still had a prominent listing that could inspire just as much as the others.

With the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown forcing everyone into the same boat, it got me thinking about starting my own. So after a lot of work I created the Photography Workshops Abroad directory. It offers a free detailed listing to everyone and anyone who wants to list their upcoming photography workshops, tours and courses.

On my directory everyone gets the same chance, the same listing, the same amount of photos at the same sizes and the same choices. For anyone looking for a workshop anywhere in the world, they can search and see workshops from anyone who has chosen to place theirs on my directory. It could be a big company or an individual photographer offering one or two a year. You can search on the map, or using keywords. Everyone gets a fair chance.

All workshop listings are for free to everyone.

Travelling inspires your photography

Travelling around the world is the very thing that got me into photography in the first place. It was after a 4-month journey around Mexico that filled my eyes with the beauty I saw and inspired me to learn how to take better photos. Upon my return home I went straight out and bought my first SLR, film back then, found a really good book and delved into it.

Now, while you can learn the basics and technicalities of photography from a book, the real learning starts when you get outside with your camera. For me though, getting outside meant going travelling again. I practiced my craft while travelling throughout Spain, Hawaii, USA, Canada, Latin America (Patagonia, the Andes), Ireland and New Zealand. Quite a diverse set of landscapes to learn in!

The thing is, when we visit different places around the world we look upon them with the wonder and fascination of a child discovering something new. New places are far more intriguing than our home patch. We may only see this beauty once in our life, so we study it more intensely. This attention to detail is the very thing that can help make us a better photographer.

Each of us has our own unique way of seeing things. However, it needs fostering. The art of making beautiful compositions and learning about light can never be done in the classroom. Getting outside and taking photos helps develop our eye for beautiful compositions. Then we can learn how to turn them into great photos.

The world in your viewfinder

For me travelling really inspired and helped develop my photographic eye, which is why I wanted to help others do the same with my workshops. I love travelling myself, and am constantly fascinated by the numerous workshops and tours that many great photographers are offering around the world. I even plan to go on some myself. No doubt I too will be inspired by some of the listings that will appear on this website.

So my goal with the Photography Workshops Abroad directory is to build a one-stop shop for photography workshops around the world. I want it to be a place where you can browse the world map and indulge your curiosity about far off places. Hopefully you’ll find someone who offers a workshop or tour in a country you have always wanted to visit. Or maybe you will be looking at one country and get curious about the little neighbouring country you’ve never heard of. With a bit of luck you’ll discover a great photographer there who can take you to all the best locations and help you come away with great photos.

A photographer who knows the area knows all the best viewpoints already, knows the best time of year, time of day and places to stand. This, if nothing else, can save you a lot of time.

So please bookmark this website and come back whenever you feel the need to indulge your photography in a far off land.

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