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The grass IS greener on the other side

What is your dream destination?

Maybe there will be a workshop there.

When we visit different places around the world, we look upon them with the wonder and fascination of a child discovering something new. New places are far more intriguing than our home patch. We may only see this beauty once in our life, so we study it more intensely. This attention to detail is the very thing that will help make us a better photographer.

Great photos take a special eye

A workshop will help you develop it.

Each of us has our own unique way of seeing things. However, it needs fostering. The art of making beautiful compositions and learning about light can never be done in the classroom. Getting outside and taking photos helps us develop our eye for beautiful compositions. Then we can learn how to turn them into great photos, with the help of a dedicated photography tutor.

Stunning worldwide locations

Standing in front of a beautiful glacial lake backed by the soaring peaks of the Alps. Watching huge waves crashing against the soaring sea stacks of the Oregon coast. Learning wildlife photography in Africa. Photographing bears in Europe or North America. Shooting the jaw-dropping beauty of the Northern Lights in Norway.

Why go on a workshop abroad?

Well, not only do you get to see and photograph stunning locations but you also get a professional photographer alongside to guide you all the way. A workshop guide and instructor knows the best places, the best time and the best way to capture it. Imagine how much time you will save not having to do lots of planning and research. Devote all your time to learning and capturing beautiful images.

The world is full of great photography subjects.

  • Mountains
  • Coastlines
  • Wildlife
  • Cityscapes
  • Nightscapes
  • Woodlands
  • Volcanoes
  • Winter scenes

Choose a workshop anywhere in the world

Here are some ideas from our directory


The icon Lake Bled with its island church and clifftop castle backed by the stunning Karavanke Mountains. A popular place on our photography workshops.
Sarah Howard

Slovenia Lakes and Mountains

With it’s dramatic mountain scenery, fairy-tale lakes, turquoise rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, Slovenia offers an unforgettable experience for the landscape photographer.

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South America
Photo Tours and Expeditions | Daniel Korzeniewski

Patagonia Photo Tour

Join Photo Tours & Expeditions for the adventure of a lifetime. This fabulous photo tour takes you through some of the best and most amazing landscapes of Patagonia in South America.

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Ian Middleton

Lake Bled Day Workshops

The island church on the lake, sitting proudly in the middle of this immense body of water, is one of its two most distinctive features. Add to that a medieval castle perched high on a cliff standing guard over the lake, and the beautiful karavanke alps forming a picture-perfect backdrop, and you have a photographic scene to die for.

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Enchanting Exmoor Photography Workshop with Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard

Enchanting Exmoor

A two day landscape photography workshop in Exmoor taking in Tarr Steps, Lynmouth, Valley of the Rocks, Robbers Bridge, Bossington village, Porlock Weir, Allerford and the heather covered moorland. We will cover camera settings, working with light, composition techniques, depth of field & focusing, exposure & the histogram, use of filters, and long exposures with water. This workshop is open to all except the complete beginner.

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