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When we visit different places around the world, we look upon them with the wonder and fascination of a child discovering something new. New places are far more intriguing than our home patch. We may only see this beauty once in our life, so we study it more intensely. This attention to detail is the very thing that will help make us a better photographer.

Great photos take a special eye

photography workshops abroad will help you develop it.

Each of us has our own unique way of seeing things. However, it needs fostering. The art of making beautiful photos and learning about light can never be done in the classroom. Getting outside and taking pictures helps us develop our eye for beautiful compositions. Then we can learn how to turn them into great photos, with the help of a dedicated photography teacher.

Stunning worldwide locations

Standing in front of a beautiful glacial lake backed by the soaring peaks of the Alps. Watching huge waves crashing against the soaring sea stacks of the Oregon coast. Learning wildlife photography in Africa. Photographing bears in Europe or North America. Shooting the jaw-dropping beauty of the Northern Lights in Norway.

Why go on a workshop abroad?

Well, not only do you get to see and photograph stunning locations but you also get a professional photographer alongside to guide you all the way. A workshop guide and instructor knows the best places, the best time and the best way to capture it. Imagine how much time you will save not having to do lots of planning and research. Devote all your time to learning and capturing beautiful images.

The world is full of great photography subjects.

Here are some ideas from the photography workshops abroad directory


Costa Rica photo tour and workshop
Costa Rica
Adi Ringer


This trip is an excellent opportunity to photograph amazing wildlife (especially birds), unique flora, and spectacular views. Whether you want to learn wildlife photography or are already a pro, this memorable trip will offer you opportunities to come back with wall-hangers and images to share with family and friends.

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Arctic Norway Wildlife Photo Tour

Arctic Norway Wildlife Photo Tour

Join us on an unforgettable journey through wild Norway in winter. We travel through the truly breathtaking scenery of Finnmark county to some of the most amazing wildlife locations, giving you the opportunity to witness the drama of Norway’s Arctic winter wildlife and capture stunning images.

Our primary focus are the beautiful Arctic Ducks and Seabirds. – King Eider, Steller ́s Eider, Common Eider, Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots, Kittiwakes and more. – All make fantastic photo opportunities.

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Children at mosque Sharqiya Sands Oman copyright Christopher P Baker
Christopher P. Baker

Sultanate of Oman – Old World Arabia

The yin to the United Arab Emirate’s yang, the mysterious, slow-paced, and safe sultanate of Oman is “old” Arabia. Join National Geographic travel photographer, author, and expedition leader Christopher P. Baker on this one-of-a-kind photo tour & workshop to this fantastically photogenic destination.

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Wilpena Pound South Australia Photography Tour Matthew Storer 1
South Australia
Matthew Storer

Flinders Ranges Photography Tour

Join Matthew Storer for 5 days 4 nights in the Flinders Ranges South Australia one of Australia’s iconic and diverse ecosystems teaming with wildlife and stunning vistas and gorges. Photograph the world-famous Wilpena Pound during the stunning golden hour before capturing it under a million and one stars!

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Ballet dancer Gothic qtr
Laurie Cohen

Barcelona Photography Tour [2 day private tour]

Our 2 Day Barcelona Photography Tour is an ideal way for travel photographers to photograph a variety of subjects and during different lighting conditions, while learning the technical and creative aspects of photography. This is a private tour for individuals or small groups.

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