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Morocco, Morocco, Africa

Morocco’s variety of photographic subjects is unparalleled. The Royal Kingdom of Morocco is fun, almost like a kid’s candy store for any travel photographer that enjoys culture, diversity, and architecture.

This is your chance to capture some fantastic pictures of North Africa’s most exotic and enigmatic country. With its ancient medinas, bustling souks, traditional life, and sweeping deserts, Morocco is an endlessly fascinating destination for photographersof all experience levels.

The cultural diversity of Morocco is reflected in the myriad of architectural beauties that can be seen across the Kingdom. Morocco has many fabulous buildings to admire, from majestic mosques to traditional riads, brilliant palaces, and sublime religious study centers. Many buildings feature the traditional tilework, zellige, decorative carvings, woodwork, and plasterwork, often considered works of art.


This photo expedition to Morocco is crafted to reward you with awe-inspiring portfolio images. 

Daniel has been leading photo tours to Morocco since 2017; his experience and understanding of the culture will help you make the most of your time in this enchanting land.

Our Moroccan photo adventure starts in Casablanca and will end in Marrakech, visiting Checfchaouen, Aith Ben Haddou, Fes, Erfoud, and of course, the Sahara desert. 

Together we’ll photograph the twisting and turning streets of the medinas, discover the hidden treasures amongst the chaotic streets of Marrakech, photograph camels and Berbers in the Sahara, and sleep under the stars. Adventure awaits you on this photo tour to exotic Morocco.

Unique to this year is an extension to the coastal town of Essaouria. Past participants rated this extension as one of the most memorable and striking of the trip. The extension assures a remarkable and relaxing way to end this Morocco photo tour. Still, it is nevertheless filled with unique photo wonders. 

Join us on this unique photo adventure. You’ll come back home with fantastic memories and tons of portfolio-worthy pictures.


Who: Open to all skill levels, non-photographer spouses are welcome.


Group Size: Minimum 4 People, Maximum 12 People.


Where: This photo tour starts in Casablanca (CMN) and ends in Marrakech (RAK)


Fitness Level: Relaxed; most photo opportunities are within one mile or so from where we leave the vehicle. You may need to be able to stand and walk for long periods of time. There is a chance that you can encounter steep terrain (e.g., cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, an absence of elevators, and climbing aboard trains or coaches with big steps); and some longer walks to get to city centers where vehicles are prohibited.

The tour is open to all levels of photographic skills, from beginner to experienced. However, there will be no formal workshops or critiques. We will share knowledge and skills along the way in the spirit of real adventurers.

Workshop Type: Photo Tour, includes, cultural, people, landscapes and cityscapes
Date: 24/09/2024 – 07/10/2024
Duration: 14 Days
Group Size: 4-12
Skill Level: Open to all levels
Accommodation included?: Yes
Price: US$ 7295 USD
Instructor(s): Daniel Korzeniewski
Fitness level: Relaxed

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