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Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia Wildlife Photography Tour

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Punta Arenas, Chile, Punta Arenas, Chile, South America

Wild pumas (a.k.a. mountain lions, cougars) star in this fantastic wildlife photography tour “Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia Photo Tour 2022.”  While photographing pumas will be our primary focus, we’ll also photograph guanacos, rheas, flamingos, and the Andean Condor with its impressive wingspan measuring to 3.3 metres!  Of course, we’ll also photograph any other wildlife that comes our way.

And in addition to the wildlife, no photography tour to Patagonia would be complete without doing plenty of landscape photography so plan on that as well!  Put on your landscape lens and capture the jagged peaks, blue-green waters, and golden grasslands surrounding Torres del Paine National Park.

Limited to six (6) photographers on each tour (all-inclusive; double occupancy).  TWO (2) tours offered in April 2022.

The cats we photograph are the real deal:  WILD and free-ranging — not game-farm felines!

Plan to spend plenty of time tracking the cats in their natural habitat to assure that you go home with great shots.  Our puma tracking takes place on over 20,000 acres of private property situated near

A special part of your tour is getting to experience how the pumas act, interact, and navigate the wide-open spaces they call home.

This time of year it is autumn here and that means very few visitors.  That and the fact that we’ll be on private land makes for no crowds. (NOTE:  Yes…we will also visit the national park!)

The setting, beauty, accessibility of the cats, the openness and quiet of the land…these factors come together to create a unique experience.

In addition, (weather permitting) we’ll visit a Andean condor roost on another private ranch.  There, on the edge of a cliff, we’ll aim for shots of the birds flying at or just above eye level.  (It’s also fun to watch them watching you!)

This is the experience featured in my article in the April 2018 issue of Outdoor Photographer.

Two tours available

TOUR 1: Wednesday, April 13 — Thursday, April 21, 2022

TOUR 2: Friday, April 22 — Saturday, April 30

What will I learn?:

* How to do pan blurs of running wildlife.
* How to photograph wildlife in harsh light.
* Tips for landscape photography.
* Tips for photographing birds on water (weather & birds permitting)
* How to master manual exposure (& when it’s better than priority exposures)
* How & when to do silhouettes
* What makes a good wildlife image
* Photographing birds in flight
* Puma activity and behavior and what signals the best moment to focus on the cats

A note about instruction on my photo tours: Since skills levels vary so much on photo tours, I tailor my teaching to individual needs.  Please do not be shy about telling me what you need.

Workshop Type: Landscape and wildlife photo tour
Date: 13/04/2022 – 21/04/2022
Duration: Eight (8) nights & seven (7) days
Group Size: Six (6)
Skill Level: Open to all levels
Accommodation included?: Yes
Price: $7940.00 U.S.
Instructor(s): Jeff Parker
Fitness level: This tour is more physical than my other offerings. We will be primarily following pumas on foot. To get the most from your experience you should be capable of walking two to four miles per day carrying your equipment. Not every outing will be that way; we may even be able to photograph from the vehicle at times. You can walk slowly, 2-3 MPH.
Additional info:


  • Includes (8) nights & seven (7) full days  — Six (6) of those days feature Puma Prowling on largely-unoccupied private land, plus one (1) afternoon of Andean Condor photography (many tours do not include this).
  • During our Puma Prowling days we take breaks for landscape photography & scenics.
  • Our tour includes your hotel room in Punta Arenas when you arrive as well as the night before you fly home. Many other tours do not include lodging the night of your arrival.
  • Our tour includes ALL meals, beginning with the Welcome Dinner and ending with breakfast the morning you fly home. Some other tours do not include dinner.
  • Our tour takes place during Patagonia’s autumn rather than its crowded & busy season.
  • Our tour includes all ground transportation – airport pickup to drop off. Some operators do not include this.

When comparing Pumas of Patagonia Photo Tours, be sure to take all these things into consideration.

What looks like a really good price may, in the end, mean that you miss out on some shots and/or meals and have additional expenses on top of your tour price and airfare.

If you want to confirm what is included, please do not hesitate to email Jeff!

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