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Faroe Islands, Europe

Welcome to the Faroe Islands Photography Tour.

Close your eyes. Dare to dream of majestic mountains and turquoise waters that drift over black volcanic sands. Silhouettes of mighty sea stacks that reach out of the waves. Hear the rush of pulsing waterfalls that stream from the cliffs. Feel the damp fog against your face, moving mystically across the lush, green valleys before you. Listen to the peace. Breathe the sea air into your lungs. Open your eyes and watch the changing light cast shadows over peaks and dance across fjords from daybreak until dusk with all the promise of northern lights. The most dramatic natural landscapes in the middle of the sea.

Some countries linger under the skin, haunting your memory long after you’ve left them. But few places on earth stir the soul like the Faroe Islands. And few can compete with its natural canvas of unrivalled beauty. Remote, raw and remarkable, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 extinct volcanic islands on the edge of the world between Iceland, Scotland and Norway. Rocks. Thrown into the Atlantic Ocean as a timeless tribute to myth and legend.

Photography’s best kept secret and your playground for 7 days

Known as the land of optical illusions, the Faroe Islands simply hypnotise your lens. The lure of the landscape is breathtaking. So, we’ll stop to savour every moment. Shooting at a relaxed pace that the camera deserves. Discovering terrain that’s unexplored and unspoiled. Idyllic. So hauntingly beautiful you’d think you’d imagined it. Except you’ll have the photos to prove it.

Come with me on an adventure like no other. To a place where you can touch time, capture it and pause it. On a new voyage of discovery through your viewfinder to a photographer’s paradise on the Northern Peninsular.

How are these tours different?

“I spent 7 years exploring the Faroe Islands before I ran my first course – so that I could offer my clients a unique experience. Just like in Scotland, I know where and when the light meets the land and how to capture every angle and aspect of the landscape. I’m obviously used to unpredictable weather and I know how to read it.  I’m more experienced with the terrain and climate in the Faroe Islands than any other photography tour company. I know the lay of the land and respect nature’s warnings – when it’s howling in the North, we head to the South. I wanted my courses to honour the unrivalled beauty of the islands and offer a unique photography adventure.” James Kelly

Our workshops are tailored to you. We know what we’d expect from a photography tour and have based our Faroe Islands package around that. We won’t transport you to a well-known beauty spot, overcrowded by other photographers waiting for the perfect shot. We’ll give you the chance to tread your own path. We’ll introduce you to the real Faroe Islands. To unrivalled vistas and views few others have seen, from private land where we have exclusive permission to explore.

To take the perfect shot you have to see the picture first. To experience an environment with all of your being. To see the image with your eyes closed and capture a moment through your senses as well as your lens.

A workshop with James Kelly is as close to a native tour as you can find. One that’s unrivalled as a fusion of art and adventure.  One that promises a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the real Faroe Islands far from the tourist track. You’ll experience adventures in photography that not only shape each shot but that inspire your creative style for the future.


Heimablidni: you’ll hear us say this a lot.

It means to dine at a local’s house – an opportunity unique to our tours.  You’ll experience true Faroe Island culture through cuisine and a family atmosphere.  Our visit to the island of Suðuroy will give you the opportunity to visit James’ Faroese family. We’ll share a meal together and you’ll get the chance to ask questions about the Faroe Islands.

All tours will be conducted in English so you won’t be expected to speak Faroese, but we guarantee you’ll come away with a few phrases to use when you return again.

Intimate and independent

Our guests feel like family. Which is why our tours are capped to an intimate number of four photographers per trip for your benefit. So often we shoot so quickly it’s easy to feel like you’ve not experienced the moment fully, or that you were even there. Our Faroe Islands tour offers a slower pace, giving you the time to appreciate the moment without being rushed or feeling part of a herd on holiday. We want you to feel the story behind every picture, to see the shot through personal experience long before you take it. And we want you to remember every click.

Whether as a group of four friends or four solo shooters travelling independently, strangers soon feel like old friends after a few hours on our tours.

Workshop Type: Landscape
Date: 11/07/2022 – 18/07/2022
Date: 18/07/2022 – 25/07/2022
Date: 12/09/2022 – 19/09/2022
Date: 10/10/2022 – 17/10/2022
Duration: 7 Days
Group Size: 4
Skill Level: Open to all levels
Accommodation included?: Yes
Price: £1,900
Instructor(s): James Kelly
Fitness level: Medium, there will be off the track walking on fields and mud.
Additional info:

Fitness Level (THIS IS IMPORTANT): Most locations will involve a walk on uneven sometimes pathless routes.  There are a couple of location that will be longer, from 4-8km but this will depend on the weather. The ground if often wet and slippy, good walking boots & poles are a must. Good ability to walk with your gear and one uneven ground is important.

Getting there

– Flights run from Edinburgh Airport every Monday & Thursday

– Daily flights from Copenhagen (try and fly with Atlantic Airways ).

– Flights from Iceland every Monday & Thursday

What to bring

The following are some suggestions. Although there will be walking involved, it’s recommended to keep the weight of your equipment as low as possible. We will be focusing on landscape photography but may encounter the bird life that the Faroe Islands has to offer.

All Dates:


  • 1st – 8th March 2021 (FULLY BOOKED),

  • 8th-15th March 2021 (1 Space Available) £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends November 2020),

  • 12th – 19th April 2021 (FULLY BOOKED) ,

  • (Summer Special) 12th – 19th July 2021 £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends March 2021),

  • 04th – 11th October 2021 (2 Space Available) £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends March 2020),

  • 11th -18th October 2021 (1 Space Available) (£1,900 early bird special, ends March 2021),


  • (Summer Special) 18th – 25th July 2022 £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends October 2021),

  • 12th – 19th September 2022 £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends October 2021),

  • 10th – 17th October 2022 £2,300 (£1,900 early bird special, ends October 2021),

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