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Long Exposures – One Day Photography Workshop

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Clevedon Pier, The Beach, Clevedon, UK, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of the long exposure? Well now you can on this dedicated long exposure photography workshop on the beautiful coast of North Cornwall.

Long exposures have become increasingly popular in landscape photography over recent years since the introduction of extreme ND filters which allow for extended exposure times. With a little creativity, long exposures can change the way we look at moving objects and capture a real sense of time passing. The results can be highly effective, allowing the photographer to create some truly compelling images.

The stretch of coastline from Clevedon to Burnham-on-Sea, provides for the perfect location for long exposure photography. Clevedon’s graceful Victorian pier, the magnificent long pier and vast stretch of beach at Weston-Super-Mare, and the striking Grade 11 Lower lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea are our principle subject matter for this workshop, offering plenty of opportunities to make some wonderfully moody captures.

Our workshop has been timed, as best as possible, to take advantage of the tidal conditions of this area – the Bristol Channel being home to the second highest tidal reach in the world. We will photograph throughout the day and, as the tide retreats, leaving behind wet sand and reflections of the pier, we will capture sunset at Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier.

You will learn how to perfect the technique of long exposures, m use of extreme neutral density filters to capture movement and effectively slow down the passage of time. Your tutor; Andy, will take you through the many considerations of composition, focusing and calculating exposure times, as well as combining the extreme ND filters with graduated filters to control exposure.

What will I learn?:

Appropriate camera settings, composition techniques, the use of extreme ND filters (10 and 6 stops) exposure time calculation, focusing, combining with graduated filters

Workshop Type: Landscape
Date: 10/04/2021
Date: 11/05/2021
Date: 10/06/2021
Date: 18/09/2021
Duration: One day
Group Size: 6
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Accommodation included?: No
Price: £140
Instructor(s): Andy Page
Fitness level: Low
Additional info:

What’s included?

  • Photographic tuition & demonstrations, transport between locations, tea/coffee

What’s Excluded?

  • Transport to and from the venue, personal insurance eg: Cancellation Plan, equipment insurance

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