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14 Breage Street, Australia 5540

Do you love landscape and nature photography? Do you need additional help to capture the images you’ve always dreamt of? If so, you’ll love my online landscape photography course.

Hello and welcome to Nature and Landscape Photography COMPLETE Online Guide. This online course will give you all the confidence you need to create fantastic landscape and nature photos. Throughout this course, we will cover the best-suited gear for landscape photography, how to achieve perfect exposure, and how to create unique compositions that will make our photography stand out!

Join Matthew Storer as he shares in this online course his 20+ years of experience in landscape and nature photography from travelling to 100+ countries around the world. We’ll explore how to photograph picturesque rivers, sunrises and sunsets, mountains, achieve scale and learn to separate colours in a landscape. Furthermore, master in-camera tips and tricks while understanding what the camera settings are doing to obtain the best results in multiple different photography situations, plus much much more!

Throughout this course we’ll cover:

  • Understand our camera equipment to achieve the best results.
  • Learn to master exposure settings and how to read a histogram.
  • Recognise the best in-camera settings for landscape & nature photography.
  • How to photography different landscapes in different lighting conditions.
  • Explore the basic and more advanced composition strategies
  • Discover how light impacts the landscape in nature photography
  • Interact with practical and useful assignments to skyrocket your learning ability.

What to expect?

Included in the courses are “practical in-field tuition” demonstrating the techniques and essential methods explained in the lecture. As a result, taking you out in the field to explore different lighting condition and compositions allows you to witness when and how to apply the various techniques through a specific step-by-step procedure.

To me, the best way to learn is by doing. Therefore, I’ve structured this course to be practice, helping you with your photography where and when you need it most, out in the field.

Think you’re ready to create stunning landscape images?

Join me in this straightforward step-by-step course, outlaying strategies for helping you to create beautiful, unique photographs. This purpose behind this course is to give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to let you fully control your camera. As a result, this will elaborate your photography knowledge in different situations, elements and landscapes during unique lighting conditions.

I’ve been using these techniques for 20+ years to create award-winning images. Therefore, I will give you the confidence and know-how to create the photos you’ve always dreamt of capturing.

Register today, visit the website and click the “Take This Course” so you can get started right away! Additionally, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel like this course doesn’t suit your style. NO RISK, MAXIMUM REWARD!

What will I learn?:

What to expect from the perfect Beginner Landscape photography Course by Matthew Storer:

Landscape Photography Camera Basics
Landscape Photography in field Basics
Image Editing for the ENTIRE course images!
Step-by-step easy to follow procedures
All RAW files for post-production
Personal Support for comments & questions
Learn necessary advanced techniques for Landscape photography
Learn my entire workflow from beginner to intermediate.

Workshop Type: Online Landscape Photography Course
Duration: 5.5 Hours
Skill Level: Open to all levels
Accommodation included?: No
Price: $97
Instructor(s): Matthew Storer
Facebook Page:
YouTube Channel:

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