Wildlife photography tours in Slovenia

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Wildlife photography tours in Slovenia

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Brown Bear in Slovenia
Wildlife photography workshops in Slovenia
Wildlife photography tours in Slovenia
Wildlife photography with Fotonatur
Wildlife photography with Fotonatur
Brown Bear in SloveniaWildlife photography workshops in SloveniaWildlife photography tours in SloveniaWildlife photography with FotonaturWildlife photography with Fotonatur
Imagine spending time in a photographer’s paradise, hunting photos of the European brown bear in the vast forests, a […]
Workshop Type: Wildlife Photography
Available on request:
  • Yes
Duration: We offer tailormade photo tours (one day to 10 days)
Group Size: max 8 persons
Skill Level: Open to all levels
Accommodation included?: Yes
Price: From 200 EUR (Guide, hide, transfer, accommodation, food)
Instructor(s): Guides are Jure Novak, Gorazd Golob, Janez Žalig, Marko Zabavnik, Lešnik Jože
Dobja vas, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, Slovenia, Europe 2390

Photograph the beautiful wilderness of Slovenia

Imagine spending time in a photographer’s paradise, hunting photos in peaceful, pristine natural surroundings. Joined by an experienced local guide, you patiently wait for your next great photo; be it of a bear in the vast forests of Loški potok, a chamois, deer, capercaillie or black grouse in the mountainous Koroška region or rare birds such as the hoopoe, European bee-eater, little bittern, common moorhen or black-winged stilt in the lagoons of Ormož or the landscape park Rački ribnik. You will smile as you remember the exquisite homemade food and pleasant dreams in your comfortable accommodation. You can have all this in just three days on one of our wildlife photography tours in Slovenia.

We are a young and new company, which in 2018 started working in the field of phototourism. The Fotonatur team offers amazing wildlife photo tours in Slovenia. We are a team of young and experienced adventurers, who all have something in common: the love of nature and animals. The owner of the company, Janez Žalig, is also an experienced photographer. He travelled across numerous phototourism destinations around the World. His biggest wish is to present Slovenia to the world. With its numerous animal species and diverse nature Slovenia is one of the more beautiful countries in the world.


Our goal is to care about nature and wildlife. We want to introduce Slovenia to photographers and show them all the secret corners of our beautiful country. We want to work together with NGOs that are working towards the preservation of animal species and nature. With the help of phototourism we want to raise awareness and be a socially responsible company. In turn, this will help NGOs and work towards the preservation of nature and animal wildlife.

Small is beautiful

Slovenia is small but perfectly formed, encompassing different environments within its borders. In a relatively small area, you can photograph wildlife from the Alpine, Mediterranean, Karstic and Pannonian world. Pristine and preserved nature offers an abundance of animal species, including some that are rare and endangered. Photo-hunting in the eastern part of Slovenia, known for its outstanding beauty and tranquillity, is special: it’s a wonderful experience that no-one should miss. Local guides with years of experience in photo hunting will give you the best advice on getting incredible footage of the wildlife. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the comfort of spacious and thoughtfully placed photo-hunting grounds that give you all you need for the ultimate photo experience.

Alongside the incredible wildlife footage, you will be able to enjoy our diverse gastronomic offer as every region showcases its specialities and flavours. In the Koroška region, you will be offered “štruklji”, (local dumplings), and smoked meat delicacies. When you are in Prlekija, you will be able to taste its exquisite wine and other culinary specialities, such as “tünka” (preserved pork). Then you can take a well-deserved good night’s rest after such a tiring, but also exceptional day. You can rest in accommodation such as tourist farms or a unique glamping environment with a hint of tradition, surrounded by pristine nature.

Join us on one of our unforgettable wildlife photography tours in Slovenia in the beautiful undiscovered wilderness of our country. One to ten-day tours available.

More information about animals, locations and guides can be viewed on our website –> http://fotonatur.si/index.php


What will I learn?:

You will learn about Wildlife Photography in Slovenia.

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